Hear ye!

I'm back!
Yeah, I know. You can now roll your eyes and say "Again?"

I've tried so many times to be consistent with blogging, and many times, I failed.
But this time, I want it--I need it--to be different. I want to write here most of the time, if not everyday.

When I decided to visit this blog again and at least try to renovate it, I had so many things in mind I wanted to write, I wanted to share with you. But here I am again, babbling with no real point in mind. I'd love to blame it on the lack of oxygen (yeah, I keep yawning now) but I know it's just me and this block that's been there for since i-don't-know-when.

At least this is a start, not a good one, but still a start, right? Right :P
I have to be up early tomorrow so I better hit the sack or I'll look like a walking zombie tomorrow.

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