Isn't he the sweetest?

He showed up at my corner with that delicate white flower in hand...

Since we kind of had a small argument last night, we started the day a little less sweeter than usual. Yes, we apologized to each other last night but only through sms and yes, we did eat lunch together but unlike the usual, there's this slight air of awkwardness. Even our few IP messages (which, again, is unsual) were kind of blah.

I tried to keep under his feet by forcing myself to avoid texting too much or sending IP messages. The day dragged on and I thought it would end that way.

And then he came to my (messy) corner with that small white flower in hand a few minutes before we get out of work. The look on his face while holding the delicate thing is just priceless.


Yes, he's given me boquets of flowers before-red, white, different colors- but so far, this one touched me the most despite the fact that he just picked it up somewhere in front of one of the college buildings at where we work.

Right then and there, I felt like my day was just starting.
He then went with me and my officemates at an ukay-ukay store in Imus (where Ms. Agnes bought a red trench coat for only Php50!) and ate street foods at the plaza there afterwards (which must be why my stomach is feeling odd right now that I think I have to rush to the CR right after I click publish :D). Poring over endless racks of clothes is definitely not his thing yet he went with us. He went with us despite the fact that his ride home would mean an hour or two at the road. He went with us even if he still has to wake up before 4 in the morning tomorrow for his 7am schedule.

I just thank God for a safe trip home :)
Now that we're apart again, I feel like I haven't seen him in a month of Sundays already...and I justcan't wait for tomorrow :)

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1 couldn't resist blurting something out
Got naked on Tuesday, September 28, 2010
11:08 PM

Hear ye!

I'm back!
Yeah, I know. You can now roll your eyes and say "Again?"

I've tried so many times to be consistent with blogging, and many times, I failed.
But this time, I want it--I need it--to be different. I want to write here most of the time, if not everyday.

When I decided to visit this blog again and at least try to renovate it, I had so many things in mind I wanted to write, I wanted to share with you. But here I am again, babbling with no real point in mind. I'd love to blame it on the lack of oxygen (yeah, I keep yawning now) but I know it's just me and this block that's been there for since i-don't-know-when.

At least this is a start, not a good one, but still a start, right? Right :P
I have to be up early tomorrow so I better hit the sack or I'll look like a walking zombie tomorrow.

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4 couldn't resist blurting something out
Got naked on Monday, September 27, 2010
10:04 PM