Surprise, surprise

I just had one of the most pleasant surprises in my life yesterday.
After losing it for more than a year, I got Noli's poem compilations back! I just can't believe it's with him now. He's treasured that for as long as I can imagine but I lost it some time last year together with my book.

Losing things is just so like me. But to lose something as important as that to him? Unforgivable. But he was so sweet that he didn't even get mad at me. He said he feels sad at times when he thinks about it but just that. He even told me that what's important is that I'm still with him and that he'd never lose me.

Still, I felt bad. It's not like I didn't do my part, you know?
I looked for the notebooks at the lost and found of La Salle last year but to no avail. Feeling so guilty, I went my way posting at various bulletin boards at the University if they found that notebook. Well, I got a response. Saying only that I shouldn't post something like that in their bulletin board. Blah.

So yesterday, I was about to have some forms signed when I passed by
Ate Ruby's office and she called me.

"Uy, Rhoda halika nga dito. May ibibigay ako sa'yo. Naalala kita eh kapag binabasa ko 'to"
"Ano po yun, Ate Ruby?"
"Ito oh"

And then she handed me the book which was about to be sold for Php20 (they sell lost items which remain unclaimed for more than a year).
I was like, "This is my book! Where did you get this? From SWAFO*? It has a notebook with this!"
I was half-shouting there and I didn't care. Ate Ruby went with me inside their office where more notebooks are stored in boxes, about to be sold. I described the book and told her those notebooks have poems. And she did confirm they even read what's inside. Ralph, her SA and my former student, arrived and said that they indeed were reading it. They even helped me rummage through the piles (thanks again :D).

I was so giddy I know it was scandalous. One of the directors even said, "Akala ko ano na nangyayari eh :)" I kept thanking Ate Ruby. She said that even if I didn't pass by that time, she would still give me the book that reminds her of me. Isn't that just rad?

And Noli was surprised himself :) I'm just so happy, happy, happy!

Another suprise this afternoon, Papa got his Mazda 3 back after more than a month of being confined in that worse-than-a-public hospital Mazda Makati. After tons of phone calls and loads of patience when dealing with insurance and Mazda people, we had our car back! Just in time before Papa flies to Germany on 17 ( a day short before their wedding anniversary :( )

I'm still so giddy, ecstatic even :)
I miss Noli, though, since I didn't go to work today. Good thing I'll see him tomorrow, can't wait! And can't wait for his exam on Sunday at my alma mater as well :)

Thank you so much, Father, for all these blessings. You really work in ways I can't imagine :)

Photo source
SWAFO-Students Welfare and Formation Office

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