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Wow. If this blog could only collect dust and cobwebs due to stagnation, I would have a hard time cleaning the whole mess up before I could write. Good thing that's not the case here! :D

I've been busy, or I'd like to think I've been busy, between work, my parents' 24th anniversary, and Noli. Oh! And eating and sleeping and watching movies, too :P

The thing is, I've stopped writing. Deliberately. Even if I wanted to write something so bad, I would force myself to not open the laptop that's right beside me everytime I go to bed.

I stopped writing because I'm a coward and I can't express what's really running on my mind without the fear of hurting someone--anyone--who might stumble across my blog. I loved writing when my emotions are so intense but right now, I think I'd rather keep those intense feelings to myself or to those I'm intimate with. I'm afraid that when I write here, say, when I'm mad or sad, I'd only nurture the feelings instead of the other way around. Or when I want to express my thoughts about a particular person, I'm afraid it will be interpreted in an entirely different way than how I intended.

So there. I think this is why I tried so many times and failed to write consistently. Because I can't completely let myself out. There'll still always be these pent up feelings that I would still want to express but hopefully, anonymously.

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