home a little early on a weekend =)

I just had one of the most painful waxing sessions with my youngest sister earlier! I don't know when or how her waxing skills got down the drain but I'm just pleased that my underarms look a whole lot better now

I was starving when she was waxing my underarms already but I had to shut down the hunger since I also had to wax hers in return (one of the many benefits of having sisters!). The wait is all worth it though. I stuffed myself with Mama's pancit, my favorite in the whole wide world. Just when I thought I had it, my sister told me there's an ice cream in the freezer and it's strawberry What happened next, I'm leaving to your imagination

To end the night is this blog entry. haha. I wish the car's available tomorrow but if it's not, it's okay I'm off to bed now since I have to start the day really early on the morrow.

God, please use your healing hands to take away my sister's toothache. Thank you in advance!

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