So yesterday(s)

Noli's not here at work today because he's not feeling well. And I feel bad about it, but I did see it coming. With the amount of sleep, or lack thereof, that he gets since this school year started, I was actually surprised that it took him this long to go catch his breath and rest.

With work and some little time together out of work, he often arrives home late. And in the morning, he has to wake up before his father's roosters in their backyard would even start crow. He sleeps less than six hours every night while I get to sleep more than the required 8. And guess what? In times that we go out, I'd be sleeping on his shoulder while he's wide awake the whole ride.

So I must be happy that he gets to relax at home at last, right? But I feel restless. I miss him so bad that I'm itching to go there. SMS and phone calls are just not enough.

I think that's bad. That's just bad.
Remember the saying about money? Like the more you have, the more you'll want for more (not in verbatim, okay)? What's clearly wrong with me is I'm like that. The more time I spend with him, the more I crave for his presence when we're not together, even if for just a day. I guess I've become that dependent.

And it scares me.

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