Lights from boats faraway glimmering. Waves gently crashing the shore. The stars twinkling. The moon casting an ethereal glow in her eyes.
Everything still seems surreal.
He still can't believe that she's now beside him.
It's been a long time since they last saw each other, but today is specially different. Nothing else matters, only her presence.

They decided to take a walk along the beach.

Barefeet. Holding hands. Laughing. Everything is perfect. She is perfect. And he feels perfect.

Along they walk. Savoring this rare moment that they have. Making up for all those times missed each other.

It's now late at night, but neither couldn't care less.

Deciding to sit on the shore, they stoppped and looked for a nice spot. there they cuddled.
Neither wanting to break the magic of the moment.

The waves gently spraying them. The stars look down on them. The moon is at its peak. The air is crisp. The sand felt cold on their feet.
They hugged each other tightly. Her head on his shoulders. His other arm around her shoulders while stroking her hair gently.
She looked up at him, her eyes glowing.

"I love you" she whispers.
"I love you, too. And that's the only thing that matters. Nothing else does."

He kissed her hair. And she took his hand and gently squeezed it.

And for a second there, they thought it's real. That nothing else matters.

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