Talk and Talk

I don't know if I could really make the most of this upcoming semestral break. What with all the requirements still piled up! Our research subject took all the time from us to even do our requirements in other courses. Nga pala, I'm just so proud that our group was chosen to represent the class for the research forum..but then I doubt something's wrong from the verdict of those judges (well, I'm not the only one who does). Well, enough of that.

I see some of you are enjoying your break already huh? I'm happy for you, then :) I don't want sembreak to ever end..I don't want to go off campus, really. The mere thought of it scares me a lot. It's like I'm going to venture into something I'm not really familiar with. I don't know what kind of kids await me in the school where I'll have my Student Teaching. I don't know what kind of Supervising Instructors will be there to watch us! I really hope Phoebe and I will be together in one school to share my fears with me :)

I know I bored you with this. So congratulations if you got this far, you deserve a tag :)

Oh, here's a picture after our defense..defense mates and all :)

Macing and Me chilling out after that draining defense..with our stomachs grumbling hehe

Mae, Aina, and Phoebe...comgratulations to us :)

Ara..moments before sya magtampo :)

If you're thinking it's time to rest, not yet..I still have to finish this form for our Student Teaching. Haha..look how messy our table is. Students.

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