Pre-Christmas Syndrome

Pre-christmas syndrome. I don't know if there's really such a thing but that's just how I call it. It started, not when they had the first countdown of days-before-christmas, but when I first felt the wind at night change and my favorite constellations start to twinkle once again at the night sky. Have you ever felt that? When the nights get colder and the stars start to show up like they altogether agreed to, well, show up at night. Doesn't it feel different?

All these makes me somehow feel lonely for some reason I don't know..really. I just feel sad everytime I feel the cold breeze sting my face (though these days it's not that cold anymore) and as I start to look for my fave constellations, something inside me feels...I don't know.. different. It started back when i was a kid, but I can't pinpoint exactly when it all started.

It's not that don't like christmas. It's actually our God's birthday you know...and this holiday is one of those holidays I keep waiting for. But then, I can't deny this loneliness I feel everytime christmas comes to a near. I guess it's not christmas that gives me these kind of feelings, I guess it's the...atmosphere? Nostalgia? Now I'm not even so sure what the real reason is behind all these. All I know is that there's something different..

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