Students. Teachers.'s been so long since I last dropped by blogspot (I mean the real site). Being an intern is getting all the time I have. Free times should be spent with visuals and devices

I've started teaching kids on the 6th grade and really, it's not as hard as I've imagined it would be. I mean, during the observations I had in my first week there, it seems like there's this one section that's so unmanageable, but then, when I'm in front and I will tell them to work..they will--after sometime of coaxing. Another surprise is my throat doesn't go all dry when I'm talking in front. Imagine having to talk to 50+ students, my voice should really be as energetic and modulated as I could muster..God, that's hard. That's what I kept praying for long before I started because it's always been my problem ever since. You see? With God's help things work fine. Right now, things are as smooth as they could be. Yeah, it's hard. But then, what isn't?

So enough about school (I've got so much to talk about school I'm afraid I might bore you). It's our church's 16th anniversary tomorrow. Aside from christmas party, this is one event I keep waiting for. I don't know why but I feel a surge of pride everytime we celebrate the day that God chose people to build this church...which is now a big family. I wonder how things will go tomorrow

Til here..I have to go back doing my materials for Monday.anyone willing to

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