It's over.

So, the first semester of S.Y. 2008-2009 is finally over. This time of the year was kind of a roller coaster ride for me. Cliche as that may sound, it really was like that. After staying for 13 years in my at URCA for my basic education and 4 1/2 years at PNU for my college and graduate studies, I entered a world entirely new to me this sem. A world filled with strangers. A world where I will spend my first real work.
Well, I just can't let the second semester come without me listing down at least some of the things I learned last sem. Here they are :)

I learned that...
~ it's hard being a grown-up..especially when you had to grow up fast
~ workplace is so far from school (literally and figuratively)
~ sometimes, showing your best would sometimes backfire on you
~ stories of first year students on their first day in college is usually very interesting to hear
~ being idealistic won't always has its right place
~ some freshmen students might look mature already but when you get to spend more time with them, their being a freshmen would really show
~ some people would tend to abuse other people's kindness-- like students to students, students to teachers, teachers to teachers, and teachers to administrators
~ many people would settle for mediocrity for the sake of convenience...and most of the time, they're not the ones who suffer
~ friends will always be friends
~ I really can't find anyone like him :)

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