From storybooks to catwalks

So, before I start venting here how irritating traffic was, let me just tell about something that I've been eying (and wanting so bad!) for so long.

Tada..gladiator sandals :)

I first saw this in a fashion show (D&G I guess? Can't remember) way back last April and since then, I've always wanted one. I'm more for the laid back design though since it's more gladiator haha. I spotted one at Mall of Asia before but I didn't have the money then. When I came back though, the color that I want is gone. Zip. I'm stuck here in Cavite during weekdays so I can't find something that I really like. I would own a pair though before the year ends and I don't care if they would say it's already outdated. I'm not the kind who follow trends. I just want this so bad because I know what I really like when I see it :D Anyway, I'm just glad that after a long day at work and after 2 hours of travel, I'm finally off to bed.

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